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Spray for cleaning any type of surface.
The new hydro-alcohol solution for maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the work environment.

• Acts immediately to clean the work surface.
• Suitable for all types of surfaces.
• Easy to use.
• Versatile product with multiple uses.

• Shared work surfaces and workshop tools (e.g. drills, screwdrivers, computers).
• Vehicle exteriors: door handles, windows, panels, doors, fuel gas door, windshield wiper, etc.
• Vehicle interiors: steering wheel, gear shift, window buttons, radio, rearview mirror, etc.
• Textiles: seats, upholstery, dashboard, safety belts, etc.
• Electronic devices: computers, mobile phones, spray booth controller, scale, touch screens, etc.
• Tools: scissors, spray guns, compressors, etc.
• Furniture: office furniture, lockers, benches, lifts, etc.

Documentation & Support
Product Data Sheet Product Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Art. No. Specification Content Pack  
69318 METOLUX CLENZE 400ml 12pcs

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  Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet Additional Information DOP

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