A unique range of repair filling solutions

A unique range of repair filling solutions

Chemfix are the only manufacturer of Styrene Free Wood Repair Fillers with VOC A+ and Pre-Mix 2 Part wood filler extruded using a silicone tool to give a guaranteed mix. 



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Metolux 2 Part Pre-Mix STYRENE FREE Wood Filler is an innovative two-part high strength wood filler designed to guarantee the perfect ratio mix of hardener and resin to provide the strongest repair possible to all kinds of materials.

Pre-mix is the true DIY filler – because it can be dispensed easily with a silicone tool and automatically dispenses the correct ration of resin and hardener.

The user can either work with the mixing nozzle direct to repair, or mix it by hand and knife it in like the normal 2 part in a tin. 

DIY Week Magazine Awards Winner - Product of the year

Innovative packaging for application without manual mixing. Ecologic, clean, fast and easy system.

Key Benefits

Guaranteed ratio hardener/resin mix
Use with a standard silicone tool and a putty knife, or mixer nozzle option
• Strength of a 2 part mix with the ease of a 1 part filler
• No need for separate hardener tubes
• Weatherproof
• Re-use many times
• Low Odour , Less Harmful, Styrene Free

• Shallow or Small Repair
• Fine Gaps & Cracks
• Edges & Imperfections
• Small Holes, Screw Holes
• Deep or Large Repair
• Nozzle Extrusion - Direct to Repair
• Ideal for Long Strips and Gaps
• Easy to Smooth - Easy to Stain - Easy to Paint


Documentation & Support
Safety Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Product Data Sheet Product Data Sheet
Art. No. Specification Content Pack  
65420 White - Plain Box 300 g 15
65419 Natural - Plain Box 300 g 15
65372 Pre-Mix Mixers Bag 10 100

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  Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet Additional Information DOP

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