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Manufactured in the UK by a world leading specialist in extrusion tool products, this range of tools is custom made to suit the Chemfix cartridge. Driven by a standard Pneumatic air line for effortless extrusions.


• Lightweight 1.9kg*

• Unlimited & smooth extrusions.
• Perfect for where airlines can provide continuous extrusions.
• Saves time and energy.

• 2.2kN of extrusion force at 6.8 bar pressure*. 
• Pressure control, 1000psi regulator.
• Uses standard fittings, available in US or EU standard.
• Full range of sizes to suit all cartridge types.
• 12 Month manufacturer warranty. 

*Based on 380/410 ml version (Pictured)

Documentation & Support
Product Data Sheet Product Data Sheet
Art. No. Specification Content Pack  
65461 380 ml / 410 ml 10:1 1
65466 400 ml 1:1 1
65479 600 ml 1:1 1
65462 825 ml 10:1 1
65481 385 / 585ml 3:1
76405 * 1400ml 3:1
78778 1500ml 1:1

* By Special Order

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  Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet Additional Information DOP

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