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The Drill Adaptor Extrusion Tool is a patented innovation which allows any battery operated power drill to be converted to a powerful extrusion tool for Silicone or Chemical anchoring cartridges without the need for a separate dedicated battery tool.

These lightweight and easy to store adaptors will fit any conventional battery drill and come in three sizes: 

1) The 300ml adaptors can be used with our ChubSeal or Chubpack foil bag cartridges, or a standard silicone cartridge in 150/165ml & 290-310ml, thus repeated extrusions and extended length save time and money.

2) The 380ml adaptors are EXCLUSIVELY designed to handle the Chemfix 380ml - 420ml cartridges with ease, making extrusions fast and painless. 

3) Finally the tube 400/600ml for the common sausage packs.

Your standard work drill can be converted to a fast extrusion tool and back in a matter of seconds so you dont have to worry about storing and charging separate battery packs.  

Documentation & Support
Additional Information Additional Information
Product Data Sheet Product Data Sheet
Art. No. Specification Content Pack  
68895 380 - 420ml Coaxial 1 15
68894 165 - 310ml Silicone 1 15
68899 up to 600ml Sausage 1 9
78562 up to 400ml Sausage 1 15

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  Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet Additional Information DOP

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