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Wipe The Slate Clean

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SUPER WIPES are an effective way to keep your working tools, hands and surfaces completely clean when on site, in a market leading extra large industrial size.

SUPER WIPES are effective on all kinds of surfaces for the fast and simple removal of a variety of contaminants such as non cured paints, sealants, epoxies, adhesives, adhesive spray, bitumen, fillers, foams, polyeurethanes grease & oils. These wipes are also entirely safe and effective for the cleaning of hands.

This product has an 36 month shelf life.

• Oil • Adhesives • Grease

• Paints whether acrylic, water or oil based (up to 24 hours after paint has dried),

• Non or semi cured sealants
• Adhesives

• Epoxy stains • Adhesive Spray • Rubber cement

• Uncured Polyeurethane foam
• Bitumen

• Effective against a variety of contaminants.

• Ready to use; Easy to use.

• Non Harmful.

• 80 wipes in a handy sealed dispenser.

• Ideal for the removal of stains from work surfaces and tools.

• Resealable dispensing system to prevent drying out.

• Extra Large Size - 600cm2

• Citrus lemon fragrance. 

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