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SERT Using Chemfix CH+ for Riverbed Fixings

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The South East Rivers Trust (SERT) is an environmental charity dedicated to preserving and conserving rivers and their catchments across the South East of England. Their mission is principally to maintain the ecological status of rivers within the area.

SERT's projects can have a wide number of objectives, including the conservation of water flow for the benefit of the passage of fresh water fish, to installing silt traps to aid the protection of rivers from man-made pollutants entering the waterway. 

Rivers can be affected by small changes to land management miles away from their source, so SERT's work is a constant and on-going battle, funded only by the input of local businesses. 

In two recent projects, keystones were laid onto a river bed and secured in place by rebar, fixed using Chemfix CH+ chemical anchor. Additionally, water baffles fixed with threaded studs were positioned using chemical anchor resin. 

The benefits of chemical anchoring in these situations is that they can be installed in flooded holes without any loss of performance. Another important factor for the use of Chemfix Chemical Anchoring was the resin being covered by WRAS approval - safe for the use in contact with drinking water, and tested to BS6920. 

These chemical anchors will last a lifetime without cracking, shrinking or being affected by the permanent submersion in water and with no loss of perfomance. 

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