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New “Self-Measuring” Bottle for Timbabuild Epoxy Wood Stabilizer

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Timbabuild launches a new easy to use, and bigger pack, Epoxy Wood Stabilizer. Increasing from 225ml to 300ml , the new pack increases the value for money for this essential primer used in epoxy wood repairs, and is far easier to use and much cleaner.

EWS primer promotes adhesion of Timbabuild Epoxy Wood Resin and prevents further wood decay.

This 2:1 ratio liquid epoxy needs to be mixed exactly to ensure the best protection is achieved, the best adhesion and the 50 years guarantee which is granted to repairs using the full Timbabuild system.

To use the new EWS, the user removes the cap to the mix chamber of the Base component and squeeze the bottle until this chamber is full to the top.  Repeat this process with the Hardener and mix the two components together.

The chambers cannot be over filled, and decant the exact amount of material (10ml / 5ml) required for a perfect 2:1 mix. The process is repeated until the correct amount of material you need. The packs can then be closed and cleanly stored away in their robust containers for re-use later on. 

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