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METOPRO A2 Fire Rated Bedding Compound Launched

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METOPRO A2 is an innovative bedding compound epoxy resin, designed as general purpose setting adhesive for ‘face-up’ applications. It is designed primarily for use in the decorative brick industry for use on lintels in conjunction with mechanical fix.

In response to the tragic events surrounding the Grenfell Tower Fire, the Government sought to introduce new and more stringent legislation in relation to materials used in building structures, and particularly for use as cladding.

The Government announced that, above 18 metre height, materials used were to be individually tested to comply with EN 13501-1:2018. Within the realm of epoxy adhesives used in brick cladding with high organic content e.g. Metofix 3:1 & other similar products, they were capable of gaining EN 13501-1:2018 A2 but only when applied in very low quantities known as – “dot and dab”

This application method leaves the brick exposed and liable to failure over a period of time.

Adhesives used as a continuous layer give improved bond strengths and increased protection to brick

Under EN 13501-1:2018 :- products used at 1mm thickness or above in a continuous layer are required to have low calorific contents (i.e. low levels of organic content). Metofix 3:1 and other traditional high epoxy level products do not meet this challenge hence a new technology was required. The result is METOPRO A2, a water based epoxy adhesive, designed for when high application rates are required – for strength & protection in above 18m situations.

METOPRO A2 – gives the belt and braces protection of a continuous adhesive layer, with good adhesion characteristics to steel lintels and other materials, when used in conjunction with mechanical anchors provides the maximum longevity & security in above 18m situations.

METOPRO A2 has EN 13501-1:2018 compliance with fantastic results (A2 s1,d0 rated), even when used at a coverage of 4mm.

Products with calorific values of above 3MJ/kg which have an A2 certificate based on a DOT AND DAB method should therefore not be used in a continuous layer above 1mm thickness IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ABOVE 18m HEIGHT.

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