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Introducing Metoset™ Extreme Epoxy Concrete Repair

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The ultimate for high-traffic areas, mouldable for vertical and overhead situations, sandable for perfect edge and corner repairs and perfect for bonding or joint sealing work.

Metoset™ Extreme Concrete Repair is a 2-component, 100% solids, moisture-tolerant, high-modulus, epoxy formula repair resin with high structural strength.

This formula is for outdoor or indoor use, and is very versatile. May be applied to slightly damp surfaces without any preparations. Ensures a seamless repair.

As a structural repair & adhesive for:

• Concrete elements • Hard natural stone • Ceramics, fibre cement • Mortar, Bricks, Blocks, Masonry, render etc. • Steel, Iron, Aluminium • Wood

Vertical and overhead repair of:

• Corners and edges • Hole and void filling • Joint arrises • Joint filling and crack sealing:

• Crack filling and sealing.

• Concrete • Hard natural stone • Solid rock

• Hollow and solid masonry • Steel • Wood

Ideal for :

• High Traffic Areas

• Vertical & Overhead

• Edge & Corner Repairs

• Joint Sealing & Bonding

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