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Improved Colour Contrasting for EHB60

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Timbabuild EHB60 Super Tough Epoxy Wood Repair with 50 year guarantee will now be easier to mix thoroughly as the colours of both the resin and hardener components have been re-pigmented to make them more clearly defined.

Proper mixing of the hardener and resin components whilst using epoxy products is a vital part of the process to acheiving the maximum performance in the cured material. During hand mixing, the components are agitated together to begin the chemical reaction, and a visual check is aided by ensuring the two components each have a well defined separated and mixed colour. 

Timbabuild® EHB60 Professional manufactured by Chemfix, is a two-part thixotropic 1:1 ratio mix solvent free, epoxy based wood filler. It is specially designed for large and extensive repairs to areas of damaged and rot affected timber.

For repairs up to 60mm depth.

Designed for both horizontal and vertical applications. It will also directly treat the timber to prevent any further occurences of decay. EHB60 Professional displays high strength and impact resistance, and is cured and ready to paint within a 4 hour period (at 20-45ºC). EHB60 Professional is supplied in a specially designed side-by-side cartridge that fits into a custom made extrusion tool, accurately dispensing the material. Once cured, EHB60 Professional can be machined, drilled and accepts nails, screws etc. EHB60 Professional is coatable with most decorative wood finishes. The special ‘non-slump’ formula allows it to seamlessly replace large sections of wood in applications such as windows, doors, beams, gutters, soffits and fascia’s. This product has a minimum 24 month shelf life.

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