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Creating a Removable Fixing in Hollow Voids

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Creating a fully removable & adjustable Chemical Anchor fixing with either Masonry, Blocks or Hollow voids.

When anchoring to substrates with less overall strength as concrete (e,g, clay masonry, aerated blocks),  one tends to think of using more traditional methods such as plastic plugs and metal expansion anchors.

In reality the opposite is true. 

Plugs and expansion anchors put a stress on the fixing area, which can, especially over a period of time, lead to failure.  

Chemical Anchors impart NO STRESS onto the surrounding fixing area, meaning the integrity of that substrate is completely unaffected during the installation process.

By using a specially designed perforated nylon sleeve, fixings are easily possible in hollow voids or perforated blocks, even overhead.

An additional benefit of the chemical anchor method, is that by using a threaded zinc plated socket inserted in the nylon sleeve, any screw, rod, or threaded bar of any coating type can be tightened in, removed and adjusted infinitely to the permanently bonded fixing without affecting the adhesion.

These type of fixings can then be temporary or permanent with the peace of mind of the maximum strength available.

These fixing types form the basis of European Approvals for masonry featured in the Chemfix resins CH200, Vinylester ECO, PESF TOP and PE featured below

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