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Chemfix renews quality and environment certificates

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Chemfix has successfully passed the renewal audit conducted by WQA according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

It has therefore been verified that the Chemfix quality and environment system has achieved the objective of ensuring compliance with the requirements of both standards.

The WQA audit has highlighted significant strengths in the Management System established and in the degree of maturity achieved by it, emphasizing, among other things, the positive developments in the system, the good customer service results and the positive rating by customers shown by the satisfaction study.

This renewal is the result of the effort and active participation of all Chemfix employees and the collaboration of our own customers, who have aided successful management of the system with their contributions and suggestions.

Both certifications allow us to position ourselves, as the medium-sized company we are, on a par with the largest companies, putting us on the same level in efficiency and competing with equal opportunities in today’s aggressive market. In addition, they are an ideal platform from which to progress towards other management system certifications such as health and safety or social responsibility issues that are also of great importance to the organization.

Since its inception, Chemfix has wished to demonstrate its ongoing commitment to quality and the environment, aware that these are essential to meet the challenges arising from customer demand and, in particular, the changes and evolution of society.

Thanks to the implementation of the Quality Management System according to the ISO 9001 standard and Environmental Management according to ISO 14001, Chemfix has demonstrated its ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer requirements and applicable laws. In this way it also systematizes the environmental aspects generated from each of the activities carried out at the organization, as well as promoting protection and prevention of pollution from a standpoint of balancing them with socio-economic factors.

Certifying our management system is an important part in our aim of improving customer service and the quality of the products we produce. That is why continuous improvement and process excellence are essential basic conditions at Chemfix.

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