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Chemfix Arctic ETA 19/0820

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For installations at extreme low temperatures down to -20°C look no further than the newly improved Chemfix Arctic formula. The new Styrene Free formula now has the benefit of a high quality European Approval for studs and rebar.

Normal chemical anchors require a certain degree of heat to start the chemical reaction between the resin and hardener. Without that, the mix will not harden. This is usually above +0°C and the user has the problem to keep the cartridges warm, and even then, will suffer with extended working times. There is also the problem that the resin becomes thicker and much harder to extrude.

With the Arctic formulation, even when the cartridges are exposed to very low temperatures, extrusion is free and easy, and working times are the same speed as a normal fast cure resin in normal temperatures.

So, being such an important and popular member of the Chemfix chemical anchor range, Chemfix has developed and devoted its resources into bringing Arctic in line in terms of performance, bond strength, and approval coverage; with its leading chemical anchors.

European Approval 19/0820 - awarded in January 2020 is now available to view in the customer download area, it features coverage for studs M8-M24 and Rebar 8-25mm available in all the Chemfix cartridges types such as Foil bag Chubseal, and Coaxial type. If you would like to apply for a clone please get in touch with us now. 

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