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BBA Approval Awarded to Metofix 3-1

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Certificate 12/4893 has been awarded to Chemfix for METOLUX METOFIX 3-1 AND METOFIX 3-1 GRP.

Following several months of testing by the British Board of Agrément in the UK, Chemfix has been awarded this prestigious accolade for the use of its Metolux Metofix 3-1 Masonry Adhesive for the fixing of brick slips to various substrates.

The Agrément Certificate relates to Metolux Metofix 3-1 and Metofix 3-1 GRP, epoxy adhesives used for bonding cut bricks and pavers and the fixing of brick slips to cast concrete structural units, stainless steel or powder-coated lintels, cement-bonded particle board or GRP panels under factory conditions. They may also be used on site for the replacement of damaged brick slips.

This new approval actually supersedes an existing BBA approval but more crucially, surpasses it with the inclusion of new substrates – cement bonded particle board and steel lintels. The latter is of particular importance due to our strategic alliance with IG masonry, and their inclusion of Metofix in their own BBA Approval. This is a massive milestone for the product and gives a structural tie-in with IG Masonry and its specialist steel lintel system long into the future.

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