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400ml Extrusion Tool Improved Quality

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Further to the previous upgrades of the Chemfix Extrusion Tool range of 300ml Silicone and 410ml Tools, now the 400ml 1:1 Tool now receives the same full improvement upgrades in all areas.

Used for Pure Epoxy cartridges in 400ml 1:1 ratio - Chemfix 100 and 10 - the new tool offers significant user benefits in all areas of its functionality. 

The most noticeable is the top loading of the cartridges, rather than side loading, this allows easier, faster and more stable during extrusion which is of vital importance to avoid stoppages, and improve workflow. 

Secondly, is the improved gearing function. Smoother, stronger, and more fluid. The user will really notice the increased control and ease of use. 

Strength improvements are the third and most significant feature. The pistons & rods are stronger, the back plate is thicker and more rigid. No movement can come from the piston or cartridge. This leads to better mixing of the two components, which guarantees better bonding strength. 

Comfort & Ergonomics are the final "Cherries" on the cake. The red rubber grip handle and pressure release lever both have the welfare of the high end and professional user in mind.

Lifetime Guarantee - as with all our tools - if it breaks, we will give you a new one. 

In short - improved quality at no extra cost. 

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