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Research & Development

In our R+D+I centres we undertake research to develop innovative products that provide solutions to the specific needs that arise in each sector.

Our intention is that Research, Development and Innovation are not seen as just another three corporate concepts. We strive to ensure that our developments serve to improve our offering from the most important perspective: our customers and users.

For this reason, Chemfix boasts dedicated laboratories that specialize in products for anchorage, filling and repair systems whose two-fold objective is to develop new concepts and continually improve our existing products and processes.

We always evaluate whether our innovations for a specific sector can also provide solutions for other sectors, and this helps us to keep one step ahead. Some examples of this are the development of DIY products using the knowledge we have obtained from the professional construction sector: the application of filler by twin cartridge for Timbabuild in window repairs by transferring our knowledge from the anchoring world.

All this work in researching and defining products is perfectly complemented by our technical department.

Thanks to the extensive market vision that operating in numerous countries and markets has given us, adapting products to different systems and working conditions is an essential objective of everything we do.

In the same way, our technical team helps to improve our product knowledge through training courses and inspection visits that are carried out both in-house and at our clients’ facilities.

The proof that we have always regarded this work as one of our essential values is demonstrated by our drive to obtain all the necessary certificates and accreditations. Our products have been endorsed since 1991 with the ISO-9001 certificate that guarantees the quality of the whole manufacturing process, and since 2010 with the ISO-14001 standard certifying our commitment to environmental management, as well as other trade-specific certificates such as ETA, ITB, SOCOTEC and WQA.

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