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Patents and Innovation


Chemfix has through its own in-house research, developed two patented innovations which exactly meet the needs of the end-user in the chemical anchoring market.

These patents are exclusive to Chemfix and continue to be sold worldwide on a large scale, since they are key components in our chemical anchor product. 

ChubSeal® Innovation

The ChubSeal® innovation replaces the cutting of the traditional clip type foil cartridges by a non-cut cap and closure dispensing system. This foil type of packaging has many advantages including being leakproof and odour free. ChubSeal® offers these advantages in standard 300ml Silicone type cartridges.

The traditional 165ml and 300ml foil bag system has the disadvantage in that the user has to cut off the metal clip before extruding.

Chubseal® solves this problem as the bag is cut in a safe and controlled environment during manufacture and is replaced by an easy to use non-cut sealing cap.

Chubseal® was invented in the UK by Chemfix Products Ltd and is patented worldwide.


T-Flow Mixer Nozzle Innovation

The T-Flow mixer is an innovative improvement of the standard static mixer.

Patented by Chemfix, this mixer dispenses any chemical anchor cartridge system using less force, with better mixing and less waste than any other mixer currently available.

Better mixing is ensured by an innovative moulding positioned in the neck of the mixer that pre-mixes the resin and hardener. This creates a superior mix within a shorter length which is vital to achieve optimum performance.

Less force is needed to extrude with the T-Flow mixer because of the shorter length which allows a faster extrusion.


The shorter mixer variant is not only an advantage for ease of packaging but also less waste is left in the mixer after use. An optional hanger allows the mixer to be used in Point of Sale applications without the use of secondary packaging. The shorter version is also the ideal length for use with the 165ml cartridge.

• Superior mixing capability
• Less extrusion force required compared to a standard static mixer.
• Faster extrusion than with a normal mixer.
• Less material is wasted after extrusion.
• Hanger option available for to minimize packaging.
• Four versions are available to fit any cartridge – standard and short length, with and without hanger.

T-Flow was invented in the UK by Chemfix Products Ltd and is patented worldwide.



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