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Chemfix is a member of Briolf Group; an industrial group focused on the specialty chemicals sector, comprising 5 companies, with a team of 800 members and present in more than 120 countries.

The Briolf Group is an industrial group focused on the specialty chemicals sector. It brings together the know-how of five global companies and more than 50 years of experience in this field.

With a clear emphasis on international growth, the group is made up of 20 corporations, six production centers, and five R&D&I centers, and it has a team of 800 members around the world. The group notably stands out for its extensive presence in multiple business areas such as the automotive, industry, fixing, and aerosol spray sectors.

The five companies that make up this project are highly specialized in offering solutions for the world of paints, coatings, and adhesives. Specifically, the group includes Roberlo, dedicated to the development, manufacture and sale of paints and repair solutions for the car refinishing and industrial sectors; Montana Colors, a world leader in the production of aerosol paint for street art, as well as products for graphic arts; Chemfix, specialized in the production of chemical anchors; Cromaresme, dedicated to the production of plastic and glass coatings; and, finally, Dexia System, which is focused on the distribution of paints.

Internationalization and diversification.

Aware of the rapid and constant evolution of society and the markets, Briolf provides the ideal framework for companies to innovate and achieve their long-term objectives. Therefore, internationalization and diversification play a key role within the group that already has an established global presence.  

People, passion and chemistry are the main drivers of this group that has established itself as a family of companies, respecting each of the different business cultures through close coordination between the different companies and management structures of the group.

Its vision is to consolidate itself as one of the leading business groups in the specialty chemicals sector, maintaining its values, and through highly committed staff and solid alliances.




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